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Sonic Coloring Pages

For kids of all ages, free printable Sonic The Hedgehog coloring sheets. These coloring pages can be printed or downloaded to color them and given to family members and friends. Coloring pages can help your child be more focused on details and feel more comfortable.

Sega’s Japanese video game series Sonic (or Sonic the Hedgehog) has Sonic as the main protagonist. Sonic coloring pages feature pictures of Sonic, a superhero who can run at lightning speeds and curl into balls to attack enemies. They encourage children to color and paint, teach them new colors and improve their motor skills. You might also like: Peppa Pig coloring pages

Sonic Coloring Pages HD Download

Sonic the Hedgehog is often referred to as Sonic. It is the title character of the Sega video game series Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic is a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog that can move at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball to attack its enemies. Sonic must navigate through unexplored lands in order to find the golden rings scattered throughout the levels. He must also avoid obstacles.

Later, the game inspired many animated television shows and spinoff comics that increased the popularity of the character. The 23rd of June 1991 was the release date for the first video game in the franchise’s history. Sega originally released the game to provide a new mascot for the company. It was meant to rival Mario, the iconic character of video game company Nintendo. Yuji Naka, a Japanese game designer, and Naoto?shima were the main creators of Sonic. The game’s popularity led to the inclusion of Sonic on a variety of child’s products, including backpacks, pencil boxes, pencil boxes, coloring pages, and umbrellas.

Coloring Pages offers a large selection of free printable Sonic coloring sheets! Find your favorite coloring page and download it to print. Color in your own time.


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