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Mario Coloring Pages

Mario coloring pages printable for children and adults of all ages. Mario is a fictional character that Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese videogame designer, created. Mario is the main character in the Mario video games franchise, and the Japanese videogame company Nintendo’s mascot. Mario has been in more than 200 video games since his creation. His adventures center on Princess Peach being saved from Bowser, a Koopa villain. He is portrayed as a short, pudgy Italian plumber. Mario can access a wide range of power-ups to give him different abilities. Luigi is Mario’s fraternal twin brother. Mario is a well-known character in the videogame industry and a popular cultural icon. Mario’s likeness can be seen on a wide range of merchandise. People and places have also been named after him. There have been many unofficial media that has used his likeness.

Mario is the protagonist in a Nintendo video game franchise. There are many games available, including Mario Brothers and Super Mario Bros. Mario was first seen as Jumpman in Donkey Kong, an arcade game from 1981. The player was required to control Jumpman in order to save The Lady (later named Pauline).




Super Mario Coloring Pages Printable

The Mario video game franchise has sold more than 600,000,000 units worldwide. Mario is portrayed as a tall, portly plumber who lives with Luigi, his younger brother, in the Mushroom Kingdom. They hail from Brooklyn, New York. Although the infant Mario is not known, little is known about Mario’s childhood. Mario wore a red shirt with long sleeves, blue overalls with yellow buttons and brown shoes. He also wore white gloves and a cap with a red “M”. He wore a pair red overalls and a blue shirt in Donkey Kong. He wore a brown shirt and red overalls in Super Mario Bros. Like Luigi, he has blue eyes and has dark brown or black hair. The consistent color difference is due to the fact that certain features could be distinguished from others. Mario saves Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom, and purges antagonists from different areas, such as Bowser. In the beginning, he had his girlfriend Pauline from Donkey Kong to save. Super Mario Bros. quickly replaced Pauline with Princess Peach. Play for free Printable Super Mario coloring pages at to explorer more characters in Mario games. This website is for your children. These pages are for your children. Please share them with your family and friends. Coloring pages Mario will allow your child to be more focused on the details, while still being comfortable and relaxed. You can also visit our website to see more fresh and new pictures every day. With the interactive color machine, you can download, print, or play them online. All Super Mario Bros coloring pages here. Enjoy! Did you know that Super Mario is the greatest video game character? This article will help you understand the importance of Super Mario.


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A new character, Luigi, was introduced in later games. Luigi, Mario’s younger brother, is the protagonist of the Mario Games. They travel to new locations to fight evil. The Mario Brothers games offer the chance to choose between Mario or Luigi. Some games also offer additional characters. Mario is the main character and most loved in all of these games.

Many products for children have been inspired by the game’s popularity, including backpacks, shoes and costumes, as well as furniture and hats. Naturally, coloring pages for kids based on the game or the character are very popular. For kids of all ages, free printable Super Mario coloring sheets. These coloring pages can be printed or downloaded to color them and then shared with family and friends. Coloring pages can help your child be more focused on details and feel more comfortable.


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