Elephant Coloring Pages for Kids 2023

Elephant Coloring Pages

These free printable coloring pages of the elephant can be downloaded and printed for no cost. Coloring pages are an easy way for children of all ages and abilities to improve their creativity, focus, motor skills, and color recognition.

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Elephants are large mammals with distinctive appearances. Popular media has often depicted elephants as intelligent, friendly, and interactive. They are sometimes feared for being violent. These animals are often the main characters in children’s books. These giant animals are a favorite of young children.

Elephant Coloring Pages for Kids

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Download Elephant Coloring Sheets PDF Printable

These children love to draw them or spend hours coloring in the elephant coloring pages. This site has many printable coloring pages for elephants that show these animals in humorous or realistic settings. These coloring pages can show elephants as they play with balls, or in groups.



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A baby elephant is 100 kg in weight. It looks adorable, but it is still quite imposing to us humans. These are cute coloring pages of baby elephants that kids can print and color.


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